A downloadable interactive mood piece for Windows and macOS

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"...ERASURE is a punchy, dense work brimming with terrifying implication."


Working alone at night .
Only the hum of dozens of deep simulation pods to keep you company.
Something is waiting for you.

Navigate a repurposed hospital, jack-in to simulations and confront a grim future.

Inspired by survival horror titles of old, this short game is designed to evoke that same sense of dread and unease. Fixed camera angles and weird interfaces. Low resolution textures and low poly mesh.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this interactive mood piece you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Erasure.zip 201 MB
Erasure v1.1.app.zip 201 MB


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fallen in love! 

so much nostalgia and executed so amazingly.

thank you so very, very much! Glad you dig it.

I tried opening the application on mac and it gave me an error message saying "the app cannot be opened." Is it because this doesn't work on Catalina?

Dang that sucks. I don't have a mac so my test was done by a friend and I'm not sure which OS he had. I'll look into it this week :)

I think I've gotten it worked out if you want to give it another try. Just download the v1.1 build :)


It worked! Thanks! What a cool experience lol

Yeehaw! Thanks for saying something about it, would have never known otherwise. Have a great day!


I was hoping to see more of this game, and was actually disappointed to learn that this is the full game! Not because I thought it was too short, but because I would have loved to see more of it! This might be the most overlooked game in the Demo Disc, featuring some well built up scares and a lot of confusion by the end of it. Gameplay starts at 0:26.


Easily my favorite off of the PS1 horror disk, there wasn't a single second that I was sure about what was going to happen next and by the time it was over I was fucking hungry for more.  I can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort went into making this short little experience as polished and exciting as it is, but I know that whatever you put out next is going to be an instant buy/download from me. 

JEEZ! thanks so much! 


The long awaited glitch showcase! lol

Make sure to turn on closed captions


I loved the weird futuristic vibe that you got throughout the game. It would help if you got some insight into what you were supposed to do in the first puzzle (I thought at first I had to align the sounds that the orbs made), but other than that the game was really good.


I run itch.io games and this one turned out to be pretty interesting. Turn on the subtitles to get my commentary :)


This is insane. That skip!

Amazing run!

Thanks! This was a fun one


Gave it a go, interesting - and reminded me of Adventure Time a tiny bit, among other things 


Right on! Watching people get confused with a thing I made brings a special kind of joy. Like schadenfreude but friendlier.